After Divorce

how to declutter sentimental clutter

How to Declutter Sentimental Clutter

So many times, we hold onto things in our homes that we have a sentimental attachment to. Unfortunately, the attachment to these items is not always a positive one. Some items in our homes invoke happiness, pleasure, and good memories. Other things come with sadness, guilt, shame, regret, or anxiety. Decluttering sentimental clutter that causes an adverse emotional reaction is hard work. What is sentimental clutter? All kinds of items. It might be a box of wedding photographs from your previous marriage or a gift someone gave you many years ago. Why is sentimental clutter hard to declutter? These are […]

Finding Courage in Unexpected Change

If there is anything we have all learned through these last two years living through a pandemic, it is that life is all about change. And, so often, change comes at the worst time, in the most unexpected ways. As a writer, my goal has always been to help women find the courage to navigate through times of both unexpected and desired change. When I wrote my first book about Moving on Strong from a divorce, it was written as a reminder to women of how strong and competent they are, despite the circumstances they find themselves in. It was a guidebook […]

Staying Open To Possibility And Hope

Possibility has a distinct feeling. Like a small light that flickers and catches your eye in a dark room. It is a feeling of wonder mixed with a sense of disbelief that you didn’t notice this before. So, you look closer, and the more you look at it the brighter it becomes. Your heart takes a small leap and your stomach tightens slightly in hope. After any period of unexpected change, there must come a point when we have to get up, move on, and pick up the pieces. Slowly sifting through the remains of plans we had made before […]

Make you the priority

Dream Building Again

After a divorce or loss, there is a point we come to when we need to move the focus back to ourselves. It is time to start dream building again.