30 New Days

30 New Days is the beginning of a movement. It is about support and encouraging women going through change. It is about kindness and gentleness as we gain the courage to step through the change, whether that change was chosen by us or out of our control.

Changes can be unexpected: Divorce, Loss of a loved one, Major illness, Loss of a job

Changes can also be our choice: Moving Abroad, Giving up smoking, Becoming sober, Changing our diet

Whatever your change, 30 New Days is about finding the balance in this new reality. Learning to reorganize and improve our thoughts, spaces, habits, and lives to fit with the change.

30 New Days is dedicated to helping women find their way through the tough times that come with change.

30 New Days focuses on the time it takes to form a habit, 30 days. 30 New Days reminds us that each day is new. Each day begins afresh with new possibilities. We commit to starting each new day without regrets and without judgment for our mistakes.

This site is built to encourage, build-up and help you towards positive change.

Each post offers ideas and suggestions for ways to help you manage the changes. It encourages writing and journaling as a way to step through your journey.


Life is mainly froth and bubble.

But two things stand like stone;

Kindness in another’s trouble

Courage in your own


30 New Days

30 New days is about undertaking that journey to find our new normal in a world that has changed around us. It is about reinvention in the kind, non-judgmental and empowering way. It is about setting new goals and facing each new day with renewed energy towards them. We don’t bring the failures or upsets of the previous day forward into the new one. We start each day new and fresh.

Why 30 New Days?

It is manageable and bite-sized. Anyone can try something for 30 days and the best part is that if we like it, we are already into habit changing time.

It takes around 30 days to change a habit. And let’s be honest, we get a little hung up on the 30 days. We kick ourselves if we slip up for a day. We beat ourselves up if we skip two days and then we just plain give up if we miss three days of our goal. 30 New Days changes that. We forgive ourselves when we misstep, screw-up or mess up the flow of 30 days. Change is about putting intention into action with each new day. Join me on this 30 New Day adventure and let’s see where this road of change will lead you. I’m excited and I hope you will meet each new day with the excitement of the possibilities that lie ahead.

Next Steps…

Read some encouraging posts, comment and interact with others going through change.