30 New Days…

is about having courage through unexpected change

30 New Days describes the journey towards positive change. It is about finding the balance in a new reality; through learning to reorganize and improve our thoughts, spaces, habits, and lives to fit with an unexpected change. It is discovering that we can take back control of lives that feel out of our control.

30 New Days is the basis from which we move forward.

30 days is a fantastic amount of time. It takes around 30 days to start a habit. Beginning new habits are essential in times of change. It is by creating new habits that we build the lives we want.

30 New Days is about undertaking a journey to find a new normal in a world that has changed around us. It is about reinvention in a kind, non-judgmental and empowering way. It is about setting new goals and facing each new day with renewed energy towards them. We don’t bring the failures or upsets of the previous day forward into the new one. We start each day new and fresh.

Fay Kortleven

I’m Fay, author and founder of 30 New Days.

I strongly believe in the power of change. More than that, I believe we have the power to manage that change. After my divorce, I found myself in a situation that didn’t feel fair or right. I wanted to get my life back on track in a way that suited me and made me happy. 30 New Days is based on the discovery that we can change our circumstances when we focus all our energy forward and let go of whatever happened yesterday.

The thing is, I believe everyone deserves happiness and success. I wrote the first 30 New Days book, Moving on Strong, to encourage women to find their strength in times of change post-divorce. This book has now turned into four books based on 30 New Days of finding courage in change.

I want to see more women land on their feet, right their worlds, come up for air and move on from life-changing events with boldness. 30 New Days is about positive encouragement to find our path onward from chaos, trauma and loss.

I’m happy you are here, and I look forward to getting to know you more. I hope that you will find the encouragement here to meet each new day excited about the possibilities that lie ahead.