That Old Version Of You No Longer Exists – And That’s Ok

The other day an interesting meme popped up on my Instagram feed saying something like ‘so many people of my past only know a version of me that no longer exists’. It hit me directly as a truth I understand well.

When we go through significant changes in our lives such as divorce, loss, moving homes or remarriage, the version of us is always updating. We are continually changing. The friends and family who are closest to us see these changes as they happen and therefore, understand these changes well. Others, whom we don’t see so often, do not see our journey as it happens. They only see a dramatic change when they find you online, or bump into you in your hometown.

Updating versions of ourselves is a normal part of life and change. But, sometimes we need to remember that often people of your past only know a previous version of you. And, they will struggle to see you from any other angle than the one they knew.

When you feel judged by those in your past, and they don’t seem to understand the decisions you are making now, or they don’t want to try – remember that they are stuck on a version of you that no longer exists.

They have not travelled your path; they do not know the lessons you have learned or who you are now.

Do not let them hold you back from being authentically you now.

Journal Prompts

Make a list of five ways you are different from the person you were 5 / 10 /20 years ago.

What are the most dramatic changes you have made? And why?

What changes are happening right now?

Who are your people that are with you on this journey? Remember to thank them for being part of your evolving story.

That Old Version Of You No Longer Exists - And That's Ok

You are designed to reinvent and recreate yourself, over and over again.

And you are here – where you want to acknowledge it or not; whether you even know it or not – for the evolution of your own soul.

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