Reinvention After Divorce – Your 30 Day Road Map To Life After Divorce

Let’s be honest, divorce is a dramatic and painful change. But, like any time of change, it is still ripe with possibilities, opportunities and seasons for growth. How can you begin your reinvention after divorce?

Where is the road map to life after divorce?

Our Moving on Strong Journal has been created to help women struggling to find their feet again after a divorce. It gently guides you through 30 days of renewal and reinvention with daily journaling prompts. Each day you will be encouraged to see the possibilities that are alive in the newness of your situation.

Through this guide, you will be encouraged to greet each new day with the same enthusiasm as the first.

For each new day is exactly that; new. 

We leave behind the day before. Any stumbles, mistakes or guilt from yesterday get left behind.

We do not carry these into a new day that is so full of opportunity and possibility.

Why 30 days?

30 days is a manageable and bite-sized amount of time.

It takes around 30 days to start a new habit, so by finishing this 30-day plan you will be setting a new habit of relentless forward motion towards your goals; towards the person, you want to be. It is about starting your reinvention after divorce.

Moving On Strong Journal – 30 New Days of Renewal and Reinvention is most especially about each day being new.

The key to 30 New Days of renewal and reinvention is what we don’t bring into each new day.

We don’t bring the failures or upsets of the previous day forward into the new one.

We start each day new and fresh, with an open mind to the possibilities available to us.


Moving on Strong Journal : 30 New Days of Renewal and Reinvention After Divorce

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