30 New Days Books

Are all about finding courage in change

“I want to see more women land on their feet, right their worlds, come up for air and move on from difficult changes with boldness and courage.”

Fay Kortleven – AUTHOR OF the Moving on Strong Journal, 30 New Days Declutter Journal, 30 New Days Alcohol-Free for Sober Curious Drinkers and Declutter Your Digital Life in 30 New Days.

The 30 New Days Books

Many busy women feel like their life is out of control. This book is a guided declutter intervention to help you gain back control of your entire life and create space to achieve your goals.

Many busy women wonder if they are drinking too much. This 30-day guided alcohol detox helps you examine your drinking habits and shows you how to ensure your drinking isn’t getting out of control.  

Create more space, reduce distractions and ultimately take back control of your life online

This insightful book gives you the tools to systematically clear the digital chaos from your phone, computer, and online spaces. Declutter Your Digital Life in 30 New Days is the chaos solution you have been hoping for.