Our Biggest Fears

The biggest fear we can face as humans in the fear of being alone. When we find ourselves suddenly alone after a divorce it can be one of the scariest experiences we have had to face.

The key is to understand that often this fear is not grounded in reality. We are not really alone. While we may be lonely and missing having someone constantly around us as a partner. We are not truly alone.

Journal Prompt

Take some time today in your journal writing to explore your fears. Write them down and have a good hard look at them. Are they realistic? Are they based on fact or emotion? Is it that you really fear something else? Could a fear of being alone actually be a hidden fear of change? Or a fear of new love? A fear of being rejected?

As you write and explore these fears today. Be kind to yourself. You are allowed to feel these feelings. As you write about the fears, you bring them out into the open. The light of day can dispel many fears simply by exposing them for the illusions that they are.

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