Staying Open To Possibility And Hope

Possibility has a distinct feeling. Like a small light that flickers and catches your eye in a dark room. It is a feeling of wonder mixed with a sense of disbelief that you didn’t notice this before. So, you look closer, and the more you look at it the brighter it becomes. Your heart takes a small leap and your stomach tightens slightly in hope.

After any period of unexpected change, there must come a point when we have to get up, move on, and pick up the pieces. Slowly sifting through the remains of plans we had made before the chaos hit.

Collectively, we are all in that place of slowly picking up the pieces of lives changed by a global pandemic. It is important to also remember that individually, many of us have also gone through unexpected changes in this time; divorce, loss of loved ones, loss of jobs, missed celebrations, cancelled weddings and so much more.

We are all trying to make sense of what has happened and at the same time slowly trying to find all the pieces of those broken plans, goals and dreams and put them back together. Possibility arrives at that moment when suddenly one broken piece fits with another and we see a small glimmer of an idea, as we look around for more pieces. 

Picking ourselves up and moving on after unexpected change, means being open to that possibility. It means reminding ourselves that good things happen as often as hard things. There is no weighted dice in life. There is no limit to the number of times good things can happen. We don’t run out of or use up our allotted amount of good stuff. There is always more. Great, amazing and joyfully unexpected things happen, all the time. It only requires that we stay open to possibility. And when that spark of possibility appears, don’t talk yourself out of it by saying no. Take a closer look.  

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