Reinvention After Divorce – Finding Your Road Map

One of the biggest, unexpected changes a woman can go through is a divorce. This experience can set us on a confusing journey in search of our identity again. Divorce has the potential to send us spinning out of control, leave us drowning in worry and debilitated by fear. We are all wishing for a roadmap after divorce, a guide for reinvention after a divorce.

Let’s be honest, divorce is a dramatic and painful change. But, like any time of change, it is still ripe with possibilities, opportunities and seasons for growth. Reinvention starts with finding out who you want to be in the post-divorce reality. Reinvention after divorce starts with building new foundations and anchors for your life as you reinvent and find your identity and direction again.

reinvention after divorce

The reality of divorce hits everyone hard

There is the worry about money, the worry we will never love again, the guilt about putting our kids through a divorce, the fear of being alone for the rest of our lives, the fear of never getting it all together, never getting it right, being scared of wrong decisions. We all want there to be a roadmap to help us through this time. A simple set of guidelines telling how to pull it all together.  We need a step-by-step plan to find the love, security, and happiness we believe we deserve. A way to start the reinvention.

Your Reinvention After Divorce

The good news is there is a roadmap after divorce, but it is up to you to create it.  Step by step you need to find a way to put the fragments of your life back together, better, stronger and more suited to the new you. You need to answer the big impact questions; Who am I now? What do I want? How do I imagine my life 5 years from now?


reinvention roadmap after divorce

Reinvention Roadmap

When the old us no longer fits with the current circumstances, we need to change and adapt. Reinvention comes when we start to get a clear idea of who we want to be. We take a good look at our situations and decide what needs to change.  This can be a conscious move or a more subtle subconscious change in how we act and look. We get to be our own person now.

Your reinvention starts with big dreams. Go ahead and write all your crazy, exciting and big ideas for how you could reinvent yourself.

What would you do if there was no one around to say it was crazy?

What would you do that people might say is not ‘smart’?

What would you do if you knew you could not fail?

Where would you go if you could go anywhere?

What would you do for a job if you could choose anything?

What book would you write?

Where would you live if you could live anywhere?

Reinvention starts when we are ready for positive change.

With positive, forward motion you can start to build the steps needed to get to your dreams.



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