Become A Priority In Your Life Again

You are important too, don’t forget that. Ever.

It is important to value yourself and make your wants and need a priority too.

You are important in all of the roles you take on each day. As women, we tend to be the center of the home, family life, work-life and social life. We are the ones who organize others, pick up the pieces and plan the next step. A lot of your day may, in fact, be routine as you step through the tasks of each day. We try to do everything, for everyone, all of the time. We get trapped in the cycle of thinking no one else can do the job, so we have to do it. We get filled with business.

It is time to start making you a priority too!

Making yourself a priority by finding space and time to nurture ourselves and give some importance to ourselves. How can you do this? Well, let’s start by making a list of all the things you would do if you had more time.

Add all the things you would love to be doing if you had more time, more money or more whatever.

Find one or two that are possible to do. Find a way to integrate them into your week.


What can you do right now?

Be present in the moment of now. I know you may have a long list of things you want to accomplish each day. But sometimes, we can ease off the throttle and put things off until tomorrow.

What can you put off today?

How can you use this time to make yourself a priority instead?

Put your feet up with a coffee and a good book?

Go for a walk to a different part of your town?

Sit in the park and enjoy the sunshine.

Whatever nourishes you, make time for that today, even if it means moving some other things to another day.


Putting our needs first 

Brainstorm the ways you can and should be putting your needs first. Are there things you have said yes to that you should have said no to? We need to start clearing the decks of these extra things. If you want to find the real change you need to find the things that are filling your time and taking your energy without your permission. What things do you feel obligated to do, but don’t really want to? These are the things we need to explore more. Choose a couple of things that you really only do because you think you should, or worse, someone else thinks you should. Can you adjust these things? Stop doing them? Do them less? Delegate? Brainstorm and write this out below.

Can you adjust these things? Stop doing them? Do them less? Delegate? Brainstorm and write this out below.

Stop doing them? Do them less? Delegate? Brainstorm and write this out below.

making you a priority

Do them less? Delegate? Brainstorm and write this out below.

Delegate? Brainstorm and write this out below.

What will you do about it?

What action can you take today?

One of the biggest changes is learning to say no to the things that are not a priority to us. For change to happen we need space and time. So let’s get to saying no more often and not feeling the guilt about it.


Tips for saying no

Pause. Don’t answer immediately. Try not to answer from obligation. First, think about the commitment and time you are saying yes to. Know that you are allowed to say no. Did you get that? You are allowed to say no. It’s ok. Just briefly explain your reason or just say no, not this time. You may be able to offer an alternative option. i.e I cannot help this week, but I would like to help at another time.

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