How to Really Make Time For You

Making Time for You Starts with Creating a Space Just For You

What do you do when you need a Time out? When the world is getting too much, you know you are about to blow your lid? Or when you just need some space to recover, rejuvenate or reflect? Where do you go? When you just need some space?

Where do you go in your home for space and alone time? Into the spare bedroom, the garden, a patio area? If you haven’t already found a place you enjoy to be alone, choose somewhere this week. It doesn’t need to be completely away. It can be a small corner of the kitchen where you can sit and read, write and be alone with your thoughts. If space and budget allow, this is the prompt to build your own ‘woman cave’. A room dedicated to your time. Maybe filled with soft sofas, lots of cushions, big windows and a lot of space for drawing, painting and relaxing.


A woman cave

For those of us without the luxury of a woman cave, we can still imagine what your ideal ‘woman cave’ would look like. From your ideas, are there any elements you can add immediately to a smaller space for you? Perhaps some new cushions? A piece of art? Find a way to separate your space, a door, a curtain or plant that allows you to pass into the room and really enter another space.

Creating a space for you is one of the key things for our self-care during a change. It’s important that we don’t resist the need for your time. Don’t resist the desire to create space and time for your relaxation and thoughts.

By creating a space where you can be alone with your thoughts and your journal you are carving out a part of your day that is dedicated to you. It is you-time to think, ponder and process your thoughts.


Self-care takes practice

It will take practice to find the time to really give yourself the priority. When we stop for a moment and try to do something for ourselves, a million thoughts of what we need to get done can start spinning around in our minds. What thoughts are running around in your mind? Write them down.

By writing them down we can quieten the noise a little. It gives our mind a reassurance that we have written them down and will return to them after this moment. Make a habit of writing down the thoughts invading your quiet time, and commit to going back to doing what needs to be done AFTER your self-care time. 

Enjoy. xx


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