How to Choose What To Declutter

We all get so attached to the things we own. We hang onto things for longer than we need them. Choosing what items need to go is one of the most difficult tasks when we declutter a space. We get stuck on the attachment we have to the things we own.

Today we want to throw a spotlight on these things. We challenge you to take a long hard look at the things that fill your home. Honestly answer the following questions as you prepare for a declutter. You can start with one room or answer these as an overview of your entire home.

What items in your home do you feel you no longer need?

What items are you hanging onto that have passed their useful age? These are the old magazines you will never read again, the saved tickets from a show you went to years ago, souvenirs from a trip and so on.

What are you holding on to just in case you need it again? We all keep things for that ‘just in case’ reason.

What area of your home has the most clutter that you cannot get rid of?  

How would you describe this space?

What you would like to change about it? 

Now it is time to take action on this space you described.

Pick one or two things from this area that fall into these categories:

  • passed the age of usefulness
  • only kept in case you need it in the future

If you are feeling enthusiastic, go ahead and clean and clear up as much as you can. If you can get a small win in this most cluttered space, you will feel much more confident to take on the rest of your home in the coming days.

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