How Nurturing Your Inner Child Can Help You Through Change

Change requires a lot of self-nurturing.

When change is happening around us and is out of our control we get scared, we panic and we can feel paralyzed. One of the ways you can help yourself through a time of change is to really focus on looking after yourself. It starts by giving value to your wants and needs. Some people find it easiest to take it back to simple pleasures. To focus on things that made us feel safe as a child. It is about recognising the inner child in us that is feeling alone, scare and unsure.

Self-nurturing is really just letting the adult side of us care for our inner-child side. It starts by being aware of the ways you feel loved. How do you feel nurtured? Think back to when you were a child, in what ways did you feel nurtured and loved? Was it hugs from a parent, home baking from Granny, or praise from a favorite teacher?

Begin to think about how you can bring some of these experiences back into your life. Write down some ways you could enjoy focusing on that part of you that is feeling unsure and scared. It can be taking a hot bath or baking a childhood favorite dish will refocus you on filling your needs.

What can you do to nurture yourself more this week? Take some time to care for the child side of you today.

Here is a list of some ideas others have used to do this.

  • Read a favorite childhood book
  • Have a deep bath with lots of bubbles
  • Go for a walk in the rain and splash in the puddles
  • Do some coloring in
  • Make a fortress to hide in
  • Daydream
  • Sing out loud
  • Lie and look at the stars
  • Lie and look at the clouds and imagine what shapes they are making
  • Wear odd socks

What ways do you take care of your inner child?

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