One of the best things you can do before starting a detox is to create your own personal detox survival kit. Regardless of what you are detoxing from (alcohol, coffee, or sugar), a detox survival kit is a powerful tool to help you feel happy and relaxed through the tough times. Your survival kit should be filled with items and ideas that help you manage cravings and withdrawal symptoms calmly and effectively. These can be physical things or a list of activities you can do to distract you.

I have put together a list of things that helped me and others through detox journeys. Pick and choose what will work for you, and add your own items. You are making your personal survival kit. So, make it perfect for you! 

Physical Items

Vitamin, mineral and herbal supplements

Useful dietary supplements include B-group vitamins, vitamin C, zinc and magnesium.

Essential oils

Your favorite essential oils in a roll-on or burner to use when you have cravings. 

Homeopathic remedies 

Physical reminders

A charm bracelet or chain that reminds you to stay strong

Herbal teas

Some favorites to try are lemon tea, green tea, Yogi bedtime tea, ginger and orange tea. 



Keep a handy supply of your choice of healthy or sweet snacks to eat when a craving hits.


A large bottle of sparkling or still water.

Awesome playlist


All the things you could do instead of drinking


YouTube or classes

Breathing techniques 

Spiritual practices

Meditation or praying


Walking, running, yoga, pilates, cycling, swimming

Cooking yummy food

Buying yummy food 

Sleeping as much as you want


Netflix, HBO, or your favorite TV channel

Bubble baths


Cleaning, spring cleaning, throwing stuff out



Getting outside


Give yourself a break

Perfection isn’t required for this journey. If the bed isn’t made or the kitchen bench is a mess, let it go for now. 

Ask for support

Let some people know you are making this 30-day journey and let them give you some support too. 

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