30 New Days Alcohol-Free For Sober Curious Drinkers

An intuitive 30-day guide for rethinking our drinking. 

I wrote 30 New Days Alcohol-Free for sober curious drinkers especially for us; the ambitious women who wonder if sinking into a bottle of wine at night keeps us stuck.

I wrote it with kindness and empathy for the busy woman who often worries that she is drinking too much but fears she cannot cope without a drink to relax at the end of the day. 

30 New Days Alcohol-Free – For Sober Curious Drinkers is an interactive guide to a successful 30 days alcohol pause. 

The best thing about this book? It will not make you feel bad, and it will most not pile on the guilt if you slip up during the 30 days.

This interactive guide is here to support your journey and personal exploration of life without drinking. If you want to stop halfway, take a break from the detox and then restart, you can. A few twists in the road are normal when you are changing your life.

You will be guided and supported every day during this 30-day alcohol pause. You will learn how to overcome any doubts or cravings with thought-provoking exercises, journaling spaces and uplifting quotes.

This is your personal journey and this book gives you all the space you need to write, reflect, and record your journey as you learn more about yourself and your relationship with alcohol. 

Also included: A helpful detox timeline to help you understand what your body is going through during the 30 days, a comprehensive resource section with easy-to-follow strategies for coping with sleeplessness, cravings and slip-ups during the detox.

Order your copy today and begin your personal alcohol-free journey with confidence.

30 New Days Alcohol-Free will remind you each day that you are stronger than you think, wiser than you believe and more amazing than you can fathom.

30 New Days is all about coping in change. Need some support?

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