Many busy women wonder if they are drinking too much. This 30-day guided alcohol detox helps you examine your drinking habits and shows you how to ensure your drinking isn’t getting out of control.  

30 New Days Alcohol-Free – For Sober Curious Drinkers is your guide to finding out where alcohol fits into your life. It is for those sober curious drinkers who wonder if they are drinking too much.  

If you think it is time to take a look at your drinking, order your copy today and start your detox with confidence.

Who is it for?

30 New Days Alcohol-Free is for the mother who longs for wine o’clock but worries about her health. It is for the newly divorced woman who wonders if sinking into a bottle of wine at night is keeping her stuck. It is for the woman who wonders if she is being held back by her need for a drink when things get tough. It is for the woman who wants to know where alcohol fits into her life. And it is for those who secretly worry they are drinking too much, but fear they cannot cope without a drink or three. 

I know how it goes when we decide to make a change; we start, we stop, we change our minds, and so the cycle goes. 30 New Days Alcohol-Free for Sober Curious Drinkers is here to help you reach the goal of being alcohol-free for a month.

This book will not make you feel bad, and it will not pile on the guilt if you have a slip-up over the next 30 days. It is about supporting your journey and exploration of not drinking. If you want to stop halfway, take a break from the detox and then restart, you can. A few twists in the road are normal when you are changing your life.

30 New Days Alcohol-Free will remind you each day that you are stronger than you think, wiser than you believe and more amazing than you can fathom.

So how does it work?

Each day offers new ways of examining your relationship with alcohol. You will be encouraged and supported through any doubts or cravings towards achieving your goal. Included are daily writing prompts to help you find out more about yourself and your relationship with alcohol. Each day also includes ample space to write, reflect, and record your journey. There is a helpful detox timeline to help you understand what your body is going through during the 30 days, and the resource section contains useful guides for coping with sleeplessness, cravings and slip-ups during the detox.

30 New Days Alcohol-Free for Sober Curious Drinkers promises to give you the motivation to reach 30-days alcohol-free easily. It provides your daily gentle shove in the right direction towards that goal.

Don’t delay on something so important. Order your copy today and begin your detox with confidence. 

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