Energy Forward – Learning to Reduce the Drama

“The secret of change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new”. 


Energy Forward

Too often we can get caught in the drama of our situation. We all love to talk over and over about it. We focus on all the details of the break-up and the battles we had with our ex-partner. And we often create more drama. We invite it in, and we offer it a coffee. We pour fuel on the scene and watch it blow up even more. As if this will help us feel better…

Focusing on the drama of a negative situation just takes up too much time and energy. It is exhausting. And it leaves us with little energy left to go after the things we really want. Your challenge today is to instead redirect all that energy into the new you that you are creating. Today is all about focusing that energy forward!

Positive Connections

One of the best ways to focus energy forward is to be a force for positive connections with others. Find ways to add joy to the connections you make each day. More smiles, more hellos to strangers you pass. For the next few days concentrate on adding some sparkle to those around you. 


Take some time to tell the people around you how important they are to you. Don’t make people guess; let them know more often. Be generous with hugs, smiles and kind words. Thank people more today, and try to compliment a stranger. See how this makes you feel. Notice the reactions of others.

Positive Journaling

Focus on writing about any positive interactions you have had today. Think about the people you see every day and are grateful to have in your life.

Write down ways you could connect more with those around you. 

What other ways could you focus your energy forward?

What ways can you bring sparkle into someone else’s life today?

What random act of kindness can you do for someone today?

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