Breaking the Habit of Comparison

Comparison is the thief of joy

Theodore Roosevelt

Breaking the Habit of Comparison

When we are on a journey of improvement or change, there is a huge temptation to compare our progress to others and to conclude that we are not progressing fast enough. The habit of comparison can very quickly lead to a drop in confidence and a desire to give up. This is not at all helpful.

But, how do we break the habit of comparison and stop comparing ourselves with others? The first step is to notice what we are doing. Then stop the comparison and instead focus on the great things you are doing. Focus on the changes you have made and the hurdles you have jumped to get to the point you are at.

Count your blessings

Make a list of 5 or more things that come immediately to mind when you consider the great things in your life.

What are your greatest strengths? Make a list of them. Be proud of these. Not everyone has them.

Focus on your journey

Life is not a competition. It is a personal journey. It is your personal journey to discover something, learn something, change something, create something, or be something. How can you compare something so personal? You cannot.

Our journeys have nothing to do with how well other people are doing on their journey. There is no benefit in comparing your road to another’s. Keep your focus on your road, on what you want to achieve and where you want to go. That’s what deserves your focus.

Write a few lines about your journey so far. Where have you come from? If we want to compare ourselves to someone, the best person is our younger version of ourselves. Who were you ten years ago, and what progress have you made since then?

Where are you heading to? What do you want to achieve/create/be?

Don’t waste time on the habit of comparing to others. They will never walk in your shoes or face the unique circumstances of your life journey. Focus on what is really important and what makes you happy.

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