Getting Past Stuck to Achieve Your Goals

Many times when we have a big goal in mind, we end up stuck by inaction. This is where many people remain sitting for too long hoping that something will come along to make the road to achieving their goal easier. They sit in stuck hoping that the road will become clear, the way smooth and all the stars will align. We can spend a lot of time in stuck mode.

How to we get past stuck and get on with achieving the goals we have set?

When we get stuck by inaction, the first step is to gather some information on what gets you moving again. This is done by looking back on what we have achieved in the past and finding out what worked before in other situations. Grab a piece of paper or a blank page and let’s dig in.

Think of 5 major achievements you have made. 

Write them down to remind yourself of times you set yourself a goal and achieved it. Give yourself a little pat on the back for these achievements.

Now think about what triggered you to complete each one?

Were you in a situation where you simply had to step up and reach your goal? Was it hard to achieve once you set your mind to it? Think of each of the above achievements and write down beside each on the trigger for action. What spurred you into getting that goal?

What circumstances were around to help you with each achievement?

In each of the above cases, what were the circumstances? Was there something happening at the time that made achieving the goal easier? or more important? Write down these circumstances.

What hurdles did you need to overcome with each achievement?

What got in your way on the path to these 5 achievements? We all know that reaching our goals are not a smooth road, so what hurdles sprung up on the way to these goals?

How did you overcome them?

What did you do when these hurdles came up? How did you get past them? Write down some of the ways you were able to jump over or avoid things that could have stopped you from achieving?

Using this information

 Think about a goal or dream you have now. What information from the above can you use to help get you on the way to your goal? What triggers can you use that have worked before? What circumstances could you replicate that have helped before? What strategies did you use to overcome hurdles could be relevant for this new goal? Underline or circle any ideas from the previous questions that may be relevant to this goal.

Find a way to reestablish some of the same triggers from the past to prompt you daily to get up and move towards the goal you have set

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