Coping with Change Creatively

Learning to tap into your creative self can be a huge help in coping with major change.

Learning to expand again into creative pursuits is a key tool when we are trying to cope with change.

Sometimes in the midst of the most difficult times of our lives, we shut off parts of our creativity. When life gets too stressful or frantic we can get busy and preoccupied with life. The things that get dropped along the way can be the things that really nourish and fulfil us.


Find the Fun Again to Cope With Change

It is time to find the fun and creative side of you again. To start to expand into these lost areas again.

Think about what you did for fun as a kid. Did you read, write, draw, bake, build things, make things, sing?

Did you read, write, draw, bake, build things, make things, sing?

Make a list of the things you did for fun.

Circle any which you would be interested in doing again.

Add other items to the list that you would be interested to try.

Is there something you have wanted to learn?

The internet offers thousands of chances to follow a new course or learn a new skill. Youtube alone is filled with how-to guides from oil-painting techniques to how to make a divine home-cooked meatloaf. Find something you want to learn how to do and try it. Soap making, candle making, visit an art gallery, write a poem.

Sewing? Baking? Writing a book? Add these to your list.

Choose one and make a plan to get started on it.

What items do you need to do it?

New paints?

A muffin tray?

Aim to try one item from your list in the coming week. Let your creativity expand.


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