Moving On Strong Journal

A bold, interactive guide to getting out of post-divorce survival mode. 

The Moving On Strong Journal is an interactive journey of discovery, filled with thought-provoking exercises, journaling spaces and uplifting quotes.

I created the Moving On Strong Journal as a road map out of the patterns we get stuck in after a divorce. Through this guided journey, discover what you want your post-divorce life to look like and how to create it. Get out of survival mode by focusing on building a new life that more fully represents you and your desires.

The Moving On Strong journal guides you through 30 days of uncovering the new you after a divorce. 

Who are you now? 
Who do you want to be? 
What do you want? 
Where do you want to be? 
These questions can feel so foreign to us, after years of living our lives fitting around another person’s needs and goals. But, with the kindness and encouragement of this interactive journal, it becomes easier to clear a path through the chaos of divorce and finally move on with boldness and courage towards a life of our own design. 

Create the life you want by using the Moving On Strong Journal to help you finally get out of post-divorce survival mode.

Why Moving On Strong?

Let’s be honest; divorce is a dramatic and painful change. But, like any time of change, it is still ripe with possibilities, opportunities and seasons for growth.

But how can you move forward?

Where is the road map to life after divorce?

The Moving on Strong Journal is a guide for 30 days of renewal and reinvention after divorce.

Each day offers encouragement and ideas for moving on from your divorce with spaces for writing and reflecting on your journey.

The Moving On Strong Journal has been created to help you find the courage you need to jump over any hurdles on your way to renewal and reinvention after divorce. This journal is about discovering who you want to be and how to get there. 

Through this guide, you will be encouraged to greet each new day with the same enthusiasm as the first. For each new day is exactly that; new. Any stumbles, mistakes or guilt from yesterday get left behind. We do not carry these into a new day that is so full of opportunity and possibility. The focus of this 30-day journey is learning to direct our energy forward towards positive change.

Why 30 days?

30 days is a manageable and bite-sized amount of time.

It takes around 30 days to start a new habit, so by finishing this 30-day plan you will be setting a new habit of relentless forward motion towards your goals; towards the person, you want to be.

Anyone can try something for 30 days and I challenge you to give reinvention a try for 30 days.

Moving On Strong Journal; 30 New Days of Renewal and Reinvention is most especially about each day being new.

Therefore, we let ourselves off the hook if we misstep, screw up or mess up the flow of the 30 days.

The key point in our Moving On Strong Journal is what we don’t bring into each new day.

We don’t bring the failures or upsets of the previous day forward into the new one.

We start each day new and fresh, with an open mind to the possibilities available to us.

What’s inside? What do the next 30 days look like? 

The Moving On Strong Journal covers the following topics:

Searching For Identity,

Putting Our Fragments Together Again

Finding a New Way Forward

Giving to Yourself

Narrowing Your Focus

Building A Post-Divorce Road Map

Dealing with Self-Sabotage

Limiting our limiting thoughts

Avoiding the Toxic Fixes

Clearing Away the Noises and Annoyances

Cleaning up Our Self-Talk

Creatively Dealing with Change

Energy Forward

Dispelling Our Fears

Onwards and Upwards

Get started on your 30 New Days of Reinvention with our Moving On Strong Journal – available now on Amazon in paperback or kindle.

Moving on Strong Journal – 30 New Days of Renewal and Reinvention After Divorce

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