Everyone is drowning in digital chaos. It could be the overflowing inbox or the phone that keeps reminding you the storage is full. It could be too many passwords to remember, or that you cannot complete a sentence without an alert interrupting your train of thought. Declutter Your Digital Life in 30 New Days is about taking back control.

This insightful book gives you the tools to systematically clear the digital chaos from your phone, your computer, and your online spaces. Declutter Your Digital Life in 30 New Day is the chaos solution you have been hoping for.

What in this book? 

Auditing your digital life – Taking a look at your digital life and where the problems lie.

Organizing Your Photos –How to get this job done simply and easily. And, how to make sure your photo folders stay decluttered going forward.

Decluttering Your Documents – After this chapter you will be able to put your hand on the exact document you are looking for without having to search around!

Decluttering Your Inbox – How do you go from an inbox of 1200 emails to a slim, streamlined, organized inbox of fewer than 20 emails in your current folder? This is the chapter to get this done.

Decluttering Direct Messages – How many ways are people getting in contact with you? Streamline and reduce the interruptions and actually be available for the people who need your attention most.

Sorting Your Contacts – Update and organize the contacts in our phone, emails and social media accounts.

Dejunking Online Accounts –How many online accounts have you ever signed up for? You could be leaving a door to your online life wide-open and unsecured via accounts that you have forgotten creating. We will get these sorted in this chapter!

Unsubscribing – Overflowing inboxes come from all the times we have given away our email address. In this chapter you get to rescind those invitations and take back control of who can contact us.

Social Media Distractions – Today we take a closer look at what digital distractions we are opening ourselves up to and how to take back control of these.

Decluttering Your Facebook – At one time we added friends like it was a popularity contest. Now our feeds are filled with stuff we don’t really care about. In this chapter you declutter this major part of your online life.

Creating a Social Media Filter – We explore how to set your own filter, so you get to see what inspires, builds you up and makes you feel better, without all the junk.

Updating Your Profiles – How old is that profile photo? Do you still live there? Are you still using that pithy saying from 5 years ago in your bio? It is time to put your best face forward.

Reducing Adverts – The noise and pressure from alerts are just adding to our stress, we start reducing that.

Part Two Streamlining Our Digital Lives 

In the second part of this book we dive deeper into how our digital lives got so cluttered and out of control. This is the magic section that will help you take back control of this area of your life.

We deep dive into the following topics – one per day: Reframing Your Digital World, Offline LivingInformation DietsSocial Media FastsDecluttering Our Bias, The Joy of Analog Activities and how to be Alone With Ourselves  

Take back control of your digital life and make it work for you again.

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