how to declutter sentimental clutter

How to Declutter Sentimental Clutter

So many times, we hold onto things in our homes that we have a sentimental attachment to. Unfortunately, the attachment to these items is not always a positive one. Some items in our homes invoke happiness, pleasure, and good memories. Other things come with sadness, guilt, shame, regret, or anxiety. Decluttering sentimental clutter that causes an adverse emotional reaction is hard work. What is sentimental clutter? All kinds of items. It might be a box of wedding photographs from your previous marriage or a gift someone gave you many years ago. Why is sentimental clutter hard to declutter? These are […]

Time to Turn Down The Trump Noise

About a year ago, I came to the realization that watching the news and listening to the noise of Trump’s madness gripping the world was taking up a lot of my time and energy. I was starting every morning on a diet of endless news stories filled with outrage. I was reading constant loops of intrigue about FBI investigations, Russian Links, and cruel taunts and Tweets from a President. And I realized that all of the noise was cluttering my mind and taking up too much space. That week I decided to do something drastic. I stopped reading. Anything. Period. […]