30 New Days Declutter Journal

A bold, interactive guide to decluttering your home, decluttering your mind and taking back control of your life.

The 30 New Days Declutter Journal is an interactive workbook for a complete home and mind decluttering. With daily tasks that help you clear your home room by room while also clearing out the internal clutter of toxic thinking, negative repeat loops, past hurts and old grudges.

Filled with daily checklists, thought-provoking exercises, journaling spaces and uplifting quotes, this interactive declutter journal is your guide to a happier life, free of the clutter that holds you back.

If you know it is time for a change, and you are ready to clear more space in your life for your dreams and goals, then this guided journal is here to support you every step of the way. 

Clear the clutter, take back control and make space for the life you always wanted.

How Does it Work?

The 30 New Days Declutter Journal steps you systematically through the rooms of your home, helping you find where the hidden junk and clutter is hiding.

As you work through clearing the junk in your home, daily writing prompts will gently help you also clear the junk that clutters our minds, the toxic thoughts, the repeat loops and other unnecessary clutter that occupy your thoughts.

In just 30 days you will clear space in your home, and you will find room in your mind for new ideas and goals. The 30 New Days Declutter journal is designed to help you become more focused on achieving what you want in life.

Why Declutter Your Home and Mind At The Same Time?

The benefits of having our spaces organized are huge. With less clutter, we worry less about where things are. We waste less time cleaning up and hunting for things.

When we see the connection to our piles of junk and our inner thoughts, we can start to see past hurts that need to be let go of, grudges that should be set aside and wounds that need healing.

When our space is in order, our mind can relax and step away from the self-critical thought patterns we trigger when we see something we don’t want to deal with.

The 30 New Days Declutter Journal will uncover the areas in your life that suck your energy and find out how to stop the drain.

Whats in the 30 New Days Declutter Journal?

Included are daily journal prompts to guide you through the next 30 days of de-junking and finding focus.

Each day will guide you through a journaling activity to help you clear your mind and find your focus.

Each day will also set a decluttering task around your home to help you simultaneously declutter your home. You will declutter and organize your life with ease with this declutter journal.

Over the 30 days, you will declutter and remove negative emotions and thoughts that stop you from focusing on your goals.

30 New Days is all about coping in change. Need some support?

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