Your 30-day Plan For A Courageous & Competent Life After A Divorce

Moving On Strong teaches you how to move on from divorce and build the life you deserve.

Many women feel hopelessly stuck in survival mode after a divorce. Moving on Strong provides a 30-day plan to recover confidence and rebuild a successful and competent life that brings joy again.  

It is time to get out of stuck.

Divorce can leave you feeling stuck in an unfair situation that you have little control over. Feeling disappointed, disillusioned, rejected and alone in a hopeless situation. You wonder if you have what it takes to thrive again, but just feel frustrated, incompetent, confused and filled with self-doubt.

Don’t stay stuck forever.

The Moving On Strong Journal is for women who want to believe in themselves again, take back control of their lives and finally get unstuck!

The Moving On Strong Journal helps you see that your situation is figureoutable!

Discover how to be happier, more positive and move energetically towards the life you want.

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Most women find divorce unfairly impacts their ability to thrive in life. I created a 30-day plan that reminds them of their strength and helps them rebuild a successful and confident life post-divorce. My 30 New Days Journals books give women a roadmap out of stuck.

I want to see more women land on their feet, right their worlds, come up for air and move on from a divorce with boldness.


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Next Steps…

Have a good look around this 30 New Days Website. Read some encouraging posts, comment and interact with others going through change.

Get in contact and share your story.

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