Finding Courage in Change

30 New Days is about finding the courage to move onwards and upwards from an unexpected change in our lives.

Abrupt changes in our lives such as divorce and loss can severely impact our ability to thrive in life. 30 New Days is a 30-day journey of positive change. It is a mindset and a way forward for women who are wanting to take back control of their lives after a dramatic life change.

30 New Days is a way of remembering that each day is filled with new possibilities and new hope.

30 New Days is about finding balance in a new reality. It is about learning to reorganize and improve our thoughts, spaces, habits, and lives to fit around our changed circumstances.

30 New Days is about discovering that we can take back control of lives that feel out of our control.

30 New Days helps us focus our energy and efforts forward every day, with renewed strength and resilience to cope when life throws us an unexpected turn.

“I want to see more women land on their feet, right their worlds, come up for air and move on from difficult changes with boldness and courage.”

Fay Kortleven – AUTHOR OF the Moving on Strong Journal, 30 New Days Declutter Journal, 30 New Days Alcohol-Free for Sober Curious Drinkers and Declutter Your Digital Life in 30 New Days.

The 30 New Days Books

When I was going through a divorce, I wanted a guidebook that would help me rebuild a successful and confident life post-divorce. When I couldn’t find the right kind of guidebook I decided to write one, for myself and for others. This one book, Moving on Strong Journal grew into four new books and the 30 New Days movement was born.

Moving On Strong Journal

30 New Days of Renewal and Reinvention After Divorce

Many women feel hopelessly stuck in survival mode after a divorce. The Moving on Strong Journal provides a 30-day plan to recover confidence and rebuild a successful and competent life that brings joy again.  

Unexpected change, such as a divorce, often leaves women in unfair situations where they feel they have little or no control over the outcome. Add in a little disappointment, disillusionment and rejection, and it can suddenly seem like you are alone in a hopeless situation.

The Moving On Strong Journal sets out a path forward after a divorce. It gently guides the way through those horrible feelings of frustration, incompetence, confusion and self-doubt. Every day offers gentle reminders of your strength, kindness and resilience. With spaces to write and record your journey, this 30-day journal is a gentle push in the right direction after a divorce; onwards and upwards.

A guidebook and 30-day Plan For A Courageous & Competent Life After A Divorce

The Moving On Strong Journal helps you see that your situation is figureoutable!

Discover how to be happier, more positive and move energetically towards the life you want.

30 New Days Declutter Journal

Declutter Your Home and Declutter Your Mind

Many busy women feel like their life is out of control. This book is a guided declutter intervention to help you gain back control of your entire life and create space to achieve your goals.

30 New Days Alcohol-Free for Sober Curious Drinkers

Many busy women wonder if they are drinking too much. This 30-day guided alcohol detox helps you examine your drinking habits and shows you how to ensure your drinking isn’t getting out of control.  

Declutter Your Digital Life in 30 New Days

Create more space, reduce distractions and ultimately take back control of your life online

Is your phone storage full?
Have you run out of space on all your other devices?
Is your inbox filled with unread messages?
Are you sick of being side-tracked by digital distractions and alerts?

These are the symptoms of a digital life that has become too cluttered.

Declutter Your Digital Life in 30 New Days is about taking back control.

This insightful book gives you the tools to systematically clear the digital chaos from your phone, your computer, and your online spaces. Declutter Your Digital Life in 30 New Days is the chaos solution you have been hoping for.

You are designed to reinvent and recreate yourself over and over again.

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Have a good look around this 30 New Days Website. Read some encouraging posts, comment and interact with others going through change.

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