So often the very places we look to for help in recovery can, in fact, cause us more pain and prolong our journey. When we are recovering from a divorce, recovering from a loss or recovering from an addiction, we often look to our religion to help us out. But so often, these well-meaning organizations and recovery programs are based on religious paths created by men for other men. They completely miss the mark when it comes to women on a journey of recovery.

What religion gets wrong about recovery.

We do not need to be told to get on our knees before God.

When we come to that point when we need help. We are already at our lowest. We are on the bathroom floor, crying for help. We are already on our knees.

We want to know how to stand in our power.

do not tell me to get on my knees before god

We do not need to be told to be more humble.

We are not proud of our situation. We sit in shame of the mess we are in. Whether it is a broken marriage, a painful loss or a scary addiction, we do not need to be any more humble than we already feel.

We want to learn how to feel pride in ourselves and the journey we have travelled so far.

do not tell me to be humble

We do not need to be told to submit to God’s will.

We have been submitting to the will of others our entire lives.

Let us search and finally find what we want; what is our will.

We do not need to be told to be more loving and nice

We have always let others go ahead of us, we have let them walk all over us. And now we are angry, hurt and frustrated.

Teach us instead, how to build strong boundaries.

We do not need to be told we must be broken to experience God.

We are already in pieces.

Stand beside us as we slowly put the pieces of our lives back together.

what religion gets wrong about recovery

We do not need to be reminded of the Holiness of God.

We know how far we have fallen as we sit at the bottom at our lowest point. We know our weaknesses too well, we have been agonizing over them for years.

Let us find wholeness again.

When we are walking the road of recovery, we do not need further crushing. Recovering from a divorce, a loss or an addiction is about learning to grow, expand and let our egos be full size.

A journey of recovery is one of reinvention and renewal. We do not need to make ourselves smaller, quieter or more humble. Instead, a positive recovery journey teaches us are worthy, we are incredible and we are strong.

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